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Do you take a ‘good picture’ or do wish your photographic skills were better? Whether its a Tor, Dartmoor Pony or that once in a lifetime chance to capture your son/daughter finishing Ten Tors, FotoBuzz can help you to improve your photography whatever your present skill level!  Click on the logo, I promise it’s at least worth the time it takes to have a look - Mr P
© Photographs Dick Parker, Mary Hart & Alan Milford
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Are you interested in the Ten Tors Challenge 2018?  Ten Tors is special to the UK and in particular the South West, It is a expedition over Dartmoor which is organised by the Army and can be completed over 35, 45 or 55 miles depending on your age. The catch is that you only have 24 ‘walking’ hours to do it in, you don’t know your route until the day before and you have to camp out over night! The challenge is available to all students at Teign from Year 9 onwards, all it needs from you is a mixture of determination, teamwork, a little organisation alongside a ‘pinch’ of humour and willingness at times to be taken outside of your comfort zone. This year we have had six teams training to take on the Challenge, they have committed themselves to six months of training, sixteen days of walks, four over night camps and the ‘Esh Challenge’ which you have to complete before the teams are chosen. If you think it will be hard then you are absolutely correct but what on earth would be the point of taking on something that was going to be easy? So if you are ‘up for it’, are prepared to push yourself and can work with others then double click on the ‘Ten Tors’ button above. Remember - the opportunities are there for you at Teign, don’t miss out!
Ten Tors Training Dates 2017 7 October 2017 Training Day at Parke House - 35’s only. 04 November 2017 18 November 2017 02 December 2017 16 December 2017 The first four walks will only require a day sack and the basic equipment described at the parents evening. Please check the list given at the meeting.
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