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© Photographs Dick Parker, Mary Hart & Alan Milford
Welcome! Interested in the Ten Tors Challenge or The Duke of Edinburgh Award or perhaps both? Both of these wonderful youth challenges are available to all students at Teign from Year 9 onwards, all it needs from you is a mixture of determination, teamwork, a little organisation alongside a ‘pinch’ of humour and willingness at times to be taken outside of your comfort zone . The Duke of Edinburgh Award is internationally known and can be started at Bronze level once you reach your fourteenth birthday. It involves four separate units which are all explained if you ‘click’ on the appropriate button at the top of the page. Bronze can be completed in six months if you are really organised and then you can move onto Silver and eventually Gold if you fancy it but ‘click’ that button to find out more! Ten Tors is special to the UK and in particular the South West. It is a expedition over Dartmoor which is organised by the Army and can be completed over 35, 45 or 55 miles depending on your age. The catch is that you only have 24 ‘walking’ hours to do it in, you don’t know your route until the day before and you have to camp out over night! If you think you are up for it then again ‘click’ the button above. Remember - the opportunities are there for you at Teign, don’t miss out!
Ten Tors Training Dates 2017 07 January 2017 21 January 2017  04 February 2017 18 February 2017 3/4 March 2017* 17/18/19 March 2017* 01 April 2017 – ‘The Esh Challenge’** 12/13 April 2017* 22 April 2017 – Kieron Memorial Walk 5/6/7 May 2017 – Ten Tors Expedition *Camps  ** Sunday 2nd April will be held in reserve for the ‘Esh’ should we have adverse weather on the 1 nd  April.
Ten Tors Training Dates 2016   15 October – Training day at Parke House, Bovey Tracey. 05 November 2016 19 November 2016 03 December 2016 17 December 2016 Don’t forget that if you want to be awarded your Moorland Proficiency Certificate then you need to have completed a total of six walks including one camp and filled out at least one routecard.
Coach Booking for March 4th  Please make sure you have booked your seat on the coach for the next walk!  All teams, your routes for the 4th are on the website so please check them carefully and if you have any questions see me Tuesday lunchtime. Tuesday Evenings  Computer Room 1 1530hrs to 1630hrs Week 18 - Feb 28th  Donít forget that there is no meeting on the 28th as I am in Wales.
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First Camp 3rd / 4th March It is time for the first camp so 35’s please read the page on camping which you will find in the information section.